About Hydrogen Injection Technology, Inc.

Hydrogen Injection Technology, Inc. (HIT) is committed to design and manufacture highest quality “Green Products” for the fleet trucking and heavy equipment industry.  The company will provide their customers with significant savings in operating expenses.

HIT is striving to provide an above average Return on Investment to companies that convert their fleet to the On-Demand Hydrogen supplemental fuel system and supplemental oil by-pass filtering system.

HIT management believes that operators of fleet trucking and heavy equipment companies should be rewarded with lower fuel and operating expenses resulting in improved profitability. 

The HIT business model incentivizes companies to install alternative fuel and filtering systems that consume less fuel or oil.  The decrease of consumption will reduce the dependency on crude oil while improving the lives of all by helping clean the air we breathe.

HIT supplemental fuel systems and supplemental oil by-pass filtering systems are the way of the future.



Vision Statement:

HIT's vision is to alleviate global greenhouse gas emissions and chronic diseases caused by emissions of hazardous nanoparticles from internal combustion engines."

Mission Statement:

"HIT's mission is to deliver energy-saving reductions in the cost of fuel consumption and emissions controls for the fleet trucking and heavy equipment industries."