CARB Executive
Order# D-699

HIT products have earned the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order.  This signifies that HIT22 and HIT22T have received an exemption in accordance with Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code.
Since California has the toughest standards and the EPA has a mutual agreement of understanding, HIT is permitted to advertise, sell, and install the product in California and all other states.

HIT22 & HIT22T

The HIT product is an aftermarket supplemental hydrogen on-demand fuel system. Read More

The Greenest Solution

Europafilter has the best oil cleaner equipment available in the market.
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ROI Calculator

Our hydrogen supplemental fuel system is designed to enhance the efficiency of the fuel combustion, virtually burning all fuel instantaneously.  This results in significant improvements in fuel economy.  Click here to calculate your savings...Click here to download

Hydro Mix

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Hydro Mix call 209-836-7117.